auricap High Resolution Capacitors
Made in USA

auricap USA  

AuriCap Characteristics:
- Natural sounding with excellent dynamics
- Amazingly spacious with excellent depth of Sound stage
- A truly transparent capacitor
- Installed in equipment from AIR TIGHT, ALTA VISTA audio, Coincident speaker system, JENA Lab, Plinius, Giles Audio...

Capacitance/Voltage, Dimension: dia x Length
0.01 uf/600V 9 x 14mm
0.1 uf/600V 14.5 x 20mm
0.22uf/600V 18 x 26mm
0.33uf/600V 21 x 29mm
0.47uf/600V 22 x 30mm
0.68uf/600V 16 x 21mm

0.1uf/450v  9 x 13mm
0.15uf/450V  9.5 x 16.5mm
0.22uf/450V  11 x 17.5mm
0.33uf/450V  13 x 16.5mm
0.47uf/450V  13.5 x 20mm
0.56uf/450V  15 x 20mm

1 uf/450V    17.5 x 23.5mm
1.5uf/450V  18 x 29.5mm
22 x 23mm
24 x 35mm
4 uf/450v   
26 x 37mm
5uf/450V    26.5 x 40mm

1uf/200V    15 x 16mm
1.5uf/200V  16 x 23mm
2uf/200V    18 x 23mm
2.2uf/200V  20 x 23mm
3uf/200V    11 x 29mm
3.3uf/200V  21 x 28mm
3.9uf/200V  26 x 24mm
4.7uf/200V  25 x 30.5mm
5 uf/200V    25 x 30mm
6.8uf/200V  29 x 32mm
8uf/200V    27 x 35mm
10uf/200V  28 x 38mm

12uf/200V   31 x 39mm
20uf/200V   37.5 x 43mm

auricap XO New High Resolution Capacitors
No brainer improvement to the classic auricap

auricap XO

auri T-O New Ultra High Resolution Capacitors
Ultimated iimprovement to the classic auricap


Please inquire for other values not listed above

Last updated on 8/2/12