Duelund 8" audio driver

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Duelund 8" Precision Audio Drive
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Duelund 8 inch precision audio driver

Duelund 8 inch precision audio driver

Duelund Coherent Audio 8" Precision Audio Driver
Overall size: -
Power handling:
100W (100 h RMS noise test IEC)
160W (Long term max system power)

Electrical Data:
Nominal Imp.: 8 Ω
Minimum Imp./freg: 6.5 Ω/224 Ω/Hz
Maximum Imp.: 70.5 Ω
DC resistance Rdc: 5.8 Ω
Voice Coil inductance: 0,46 mH

T-S Parameter;
Fs: 25.3 Hz
(Resonance frequency)
Qms: 3.31(Mechanical Q-factor)
Qes: 0.24 (Electrical Q-factor)
Qts: 0.22 (Total Q-factor)
Bl: 8.8 Tm (Force factor)
Rms: 1,0 kgs/s (Mechanical resistance)

Mms: 20.4 g (Moving mass)
Cms: 1.94 mm/N (Suspension compliance)
Sd: 227 cm2 (Effective piston area)
Vas: 139.9 Litrs (Equivalent volume)

SPL(w/m): 90.6 dB (Voltage sensitivity 1m 2.83V)
Average 300-1000 Hz

Voice coil and motor:
Voice coil diameter: 42.0 mm
Voice coil length: 19.0 mm
Voicve coil layer: 2
Height of gap: 10,0 mm
Linear excursion +/- 4.5mm
Max excursion +/- 12.0 mm

Diameter of Magnet: 121mm
Height of magnet: 48mm

Net Weight:- 0.57kgs

* Driver Data sheet and Frequency measurement
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Last updated on 26/16/17