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APrca Alpha-Core RCA Plug純銀插頭

Pure silver body純銀插頭身芯,Crimp style夾緊固定, holds for cable of 7.5mm線徑使用, Length 47mm長, painted copper shell烤漆銅殼

RCA Socket

APrca-s Alpha-Core RCA Socket純銀插座

Pure silver body純銀插頭芯,Solder style焊錫固定
Length 29mm長

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*Silver Bullet Plug 子彈頭目前已經改版,最新消息請參考下方連結......*
新版子彈插頭 Silver LINK 資訊

Silver Bullet Plug(R)
  Breakthrough in RCA plug technology RCA插頭設計的技術突破

Pure Silver RCA Plug

Bullet-S Eichmann Bullet Plug 純銀RCA子彈插頭

Pure silver pole純銀插頭身芯, 優化任一類比 ,數位或影視線,
屬一的接頭效能, 近似無接點形同沒插頭.
holds for cable of 9mm線徑使用
彩色印刷包裝盒; 4pcs/盒
The ultimate in connector performance, consider the new Silver Bullet Plug®.

The contact pins are machined from hard drawn 4-nines pure silver rod, and then treated with Caig Preservit 5PL - which leaves a microscopic protective coating to prevent oxidation and enhance conductivity.

Sound quality is in the highest league, with subtle but significant improvements over the standard tellurium copper plug.

Ideal for silver interconnects and any high performance cable.

Silver Plated XHADOW RCA Plug(R)
USA craft made

USA Silver Plated RCA Plug

Holds for cable of 7mm線徑使用, Length 55mm長,13.5mm dia, screw/solder connection鎖螺絲/焊接固定, with color ring channel marking聲道識別鋁圈,gray alum alloy shell陽極電鍍鋁合金殼, USA made美國製

--ditto- but
Holds for cable of 10mm線徑使用, Length 55mm長,16mm dia

USA Silver Plated XLR Plug

copper over chromed body銅鍍鉻身, 20mm dia x 59mm尺寸, Teflon die-electric, silver plated pole鍍銀接頭,
Holds for cable of 9.5mm線徑使用, screw/solder connection鎖螺絲/焊接固定,
gray alum alloy shell陽極電鍍鋁合金殼, USA made美國製

--ditto- but
male plug, 20mm dia x 57mm尺寸

Silver/Gold Plated WBT RCA Plug

Silver/Gold/platium Plated RCA Plug


WBT-0110CU RCA Nextgen下代鍍金RCA插頭
頂級,純銅導體,焊接固定,不含鎳鍍金,Holds for cable of 9mm線徑使用, cobalt blue alloy shell深藍色陽極電鍍合金殼

WBT-0110Ag RCA Nextgen下代鍍銀/白金RCA插頭
--同上- 但是
簽名系列,silver conductor純銀插頭身芯,platinum plated鍍白金殼


Silver/Gold Plated WBT RCA Socket

Silver/Gold Plated RCA Socket

WBT-0210CU RCA Nextgen下代鍍金RCA插座

WBT-0210Ag RCA Nextgen下代鍍金RCA插座

--同上- 但

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