SILVER SONIC high Performance Audio Cables
Made in USA by D.H. Labs, Inc.

Silver Sonic AG series
SSN/AG-18 Silver Sonic Pure Silver hook up wire
AWG#18, 1.0mm dia. solid string with soft teflon jacketed
Color: white

SSN/AG-23 Silver Sonic Pure Silver hook up wire
-- ditto --
but AWG#23 0.5mm dia. color at red/white

SSN/VX-1 75 ohm video cable
7mm dia., a precision 75 ohm video cable, silver coated OFC copper center conductor , a foam Teflon dielectric, a two layer (braid and foil) shield and a flexible PVC jacket.
designed for very wide bandwidth and excellent return loss characteristics, outstanding picture quality. Matte black, USA mfg.

Application: composite video cable and ultimate component video cable.

SSN/T-14 High Resolution Speaker cableClick for English product introductions
7.4 mm dia., Design to provide the highest quality sound and lower price, silver plated over OFC, Teflon dielectric.Strands by silver plated over purity OFC copper, Dupont PTFE, low capacitance of 21.5 pico-farads per foot, low inductance, free from resonances and microphonic effects, deepest bass, highest treble, most transparent sound possible, with precise imaging and a large, deep sound stage, navy blue jacket

SSN/BL-1 Series 2 Balanced interconnect cableClick for English product introductions
5.5 mm dia., AWG#20 conductor for low signal loss. designed for use with both RCA and XLR connectors. 100% shielded, silver plated over OFC copper, Teflon copolymer dielectric. blue jacket, USA mfg.

SSN/D-75 digital Interconnect CableClick for English product introductions
A precision 75 ohm coaxial digital cable designed for accurate handling of digital audio signals. to connect the digital output of a CD or DVD transport to an outboard Digital to Analog converter or other digital processor.
A solid, silver-coated center conductors, minimizes signal reflections, foam Teflon dielectric, lowest dielectric absorption and loss, 2 Layer shield with aluminum Mylar shield and wound braid, can provide excellent performance to beyond 2 Gigahertz.

SSN/D-110 AES/EBU balanced digital cable(110Ω)Click for English product introductions
Most often used to carry digital audio data from A/D converters to digital tape transports in recording studios. also used between CD transports and D/A converters in home hi-fi systems as an alternative to the more common S/PDIF 75 Ohm coaxial interface. designed to be a state-of-the-art, no compromise. silver coated conductors, direct-gold-plated, pure OFC copper contact pins

Able to maintain a uniform characteristic impedance. pure teflon insulation to minimizes a phenomenon called "VSWR spikes", a cause of jitter.

SSN/OFH-14 Silver Sonic Hook up wire, 
20 gauge silver plated over OFC,Teflon insulation

single strand multi strings, suitable for importance signal path

SSN/OFH-20 Silver Sonic Hook up wire, 
14 gauge silver plated OFC,Teflon insulation

single strand multi strings, suitable for importance signal path

SSN/TSelect Theater Select interconnect cable 
5 mm dia., Perfect for home theater applications. ofc copper conductors, foam PE dielectric, 95% braided shield, and a low capacitance of 25 pico-farads per foot. USA mfg.. red jacket

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Last updated 2/10/08