Parts & Miscellaneous For Helping a better DIY Speaker System Kit

Rectangle Binding Post Terminal

RBPT10-2 Rectangle Binding Post Terminal
Binding Post and tag, nut & washer at 18K gold plated
Size: 94 x 80 mm(hole cut-out 75 x 55mm min.)

Bind Post center-center: 19.05mm
Fixing screw hole - hole center: 81mm x 63.8 mm
Fits 4mm banana jack/6mm cable hole/8mm spade plugs

Anti-Vibration Sheet

ANTIVS Speaker enclosure anti-vibrate sheet
To reinforce speaker wall strength, preventing sonic vibration
size: 1 meter width x 10 meter length, thickness 4 mm

example for use of ANTIVS
* Above shown the placement of anti-vibrate sheet onto inner side of enclosure
Last updated on 07/1/04