AudioCap High Performance Capacitors
Made In USA

。長期間的高穩定品質效能, 在其他同價位電容所難以找到 
。OFHC鍍金引線, 歸功於金的不易氧化特性, 比銀的更好


AudioCap, PPF 
Alpha P.P. & aluminum film and foil鋁箔,OFHC銅鍍金腳 
臥式, 橢圓型 
- Design for audio circuits and power supplies
- Fine upgrade from metalized film

0.22uf/400v  7 x 16 x 26mm 
10uf/400V pure silver lead wire純銀導線

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AudioCap, PPT 
Theta P.P. & tin film and foil錫箔, OFHC銅鍍金腳 
臥式, 橢圓型 
-  Design for audio circuits and power supplies 
-  Sonic signature is rich and full 

0.22uf/400v  7 x 16 x 28mm

AudioCap, RT 
Polystyrene & Tin foil錫箔,OFHC銅鍍金腳 
臥式, 橢圓型
- Very high insulation 
- With lowest dielectric absorption and dissipation factor
- Low temperature coefficient
- An ideal for all applications in audio 
- It is second only to MultiCap RTX and AudioCap TFT series

0.22uf/400v  7 x 16 x 32mm

AudioCap, PPMF
OFHC銅腳(copper lead),喇叭專用,臥式, 橢圓型
- Useful as upgrade from Maylar or inferior film caps 
- Large enough to use in speaker system applications & modifications 
- Best materials and exhibit excellent electrical and environmental characteristics 
1 uf/200V     9x17x17.5 mm 
2 uf/200V     10x13.5x24 mm 
3 uf/200V     13x16x24 mm 
4 uf/200V 
5 uf/200V     15x20x30.5 mm 
6 uf/200V 
7 uf/200V 
8 uf/200V      15x20x35.5 mm 
9 uf/200V 
10 uf/200V    17x22.5x35.5 mm 
12 uf/200V
15 uf/200V    28x38x50 mm 
18 uf/200V
20 uf/200V    32x38x51 mm 
30 uf/200V    32x36x70 mm 
40 uf/100V    33x38x51 mm
50 uf/100V    33x40.5x58.5 mm 
60 uf/100V    32x35x71 mm 
70 uf/100V    33x37x84 mm 
80 uf/100V    33x40x84 mm 
100 uf/100V  38 x 45.5 x83.5 mm
AudioCap, PCU銅箔鐵弗龍電容
copper foil,OFHC鍍金銅腳 
臥式, 橢圓型


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Last updated on 11/21/01