MOGAMI OFC oxygen free copper wire
Made in Japan

Mogami #2477 speaker wire
Back to 60's Mogami wire have earned best audio wire and it's performance.
With new coming audio wires been introduced in the years past, still today we can see the good of it and well expected for good sound out. The most of all, MOGAMI is best value for money.

Mogami series wire  in stock on chassis wire, power wire and signal wire
Color: red, blue, black, clear

NEGLEX OFC chassis wire
M2514  strand with 19 cores, each 0.18mm dia 
M2515  strand with 30 cores
M2516  strands with 50 cores
M2511  Coaxial chassis wire for signal, low impedance, good in high frequency, 2 strands
M2477  Dual stand speaker wire, coxial with multi strings, 7.7mm dia

M2493  Coaxial signal wire, single strand,M2493/1571 0.15mm multi strings, black jacket with core of multi strings, black,1.45mm dia.

M2497  Coaxial signal wire (CD/interconnect,grounding),va
lues for money, neutral, original and high resolutions

M2520 Coaxial signal wire, 2.3mm copper wire plus teflon coated

M3173  Digital/Microphone interconnect wire, 110 ohm imp.
M3103 Speaker cable, #12AWG, OFC bare, 2 strands(each with 7 strands of 50/0.12mm cores)
mogami W3013
M3104 Speaker cable, #12AWG, OFC bare, 4 strands(each with 7 strands of 50/0.12mm cores)

Mogami 3104 QUAD

MOGAMI,OFC bare wire 
Suitable for chassis wire and grounding, 
warm, high resolutions and delicated details 
single strand: 0.8 mm 

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Last updated 3/23/15