Promotion sale!
Special offer is also available in Chinese version for items not shown on this page.

* Following prices are subject to stock availability and limited time of promotional sale, so take your chance and check out for stock left and supply.

For OEM customers,please include quantity desired when writing.

Want experiece Duelund's sound! now you got it here on sale prices;

0.1uf/630v, US$18x/pc (range $180 ~ 189 for each)
0.22uf/630v, US$18x/pc
0.47uf/630v, US$18x/pc
1.0uf/630v, US$21x/pc
1.5uf/630v, US$24x/pc
2.2uf/630v, US$32x/pc
3.3uf/630v, US$39x/pc

* Duelund CAST resistor, VSHF resistors and oil silver foil wire now are under accepting pre-order for low cost, write for details!

Duelund 產品

Factory excess WIMA capacitors offer;
WIMA MKP4, tol. 10%, 160V, non RoHS,

3.3uf, about 1400pcs
4.7uf, about 1400pcs

8.2uf, 70pcs left

Write for stock quantity price

Stock offer transistors below;
IRC Metal oxidized resistor, 2W, MO2 type, 0.22 & 0.47Ω, at US$5/50pcs lot
Special version 2SK1530+2SJ201 YEF NT$1200/pair,
2SA817+2SC1627 TOSHIBA NT$6/pair,
2SC2591+2SA1111Panasonic, NT$120/pair,
2SA1210 + 2SC2912 Sanyo, NT$120/pair,
2SK246GR + 2SJ103GR,
2SK170 + 2SJ74
LM337LZ & LM317LZ nt$5/pc

Stock offer on Taiwanese made toroidal power transformers
Check out the spec. and stock quantity left...

Vintage tubes on special price offer now !
E80CC(6085)Mullard UK & Philips Holland,
6SL7/VT232, age of 40's, USA,
6SN7/VT231, age of 40's, black plate, USA,
CV1988 STC, UK,
Rectifier #83 FIVRE, France,
* Above all are with origin logo and box, matched pair

Norway mfg. Soundcare spikes for high-end gear and sound upgrading
Type thread in M8, M6, 5/16" & 1/4" size, blister pack, each set of 4pcs at NT$1700.
Flat spikes at NT$900 each blister pack of 3 pcs thread/flat type
RCA Socket 1530
TCST-nb Taiwanese made gold plated RCA sockets, 15 x 30mm5uf gold plated,RoHS
Each pair at NT$150. negative pole with acid process velvet finish

EL34 Mullard(Mfg. in USSR), NT$1400/pair

Taiwanese made gold plated binding posts
Plastic protector (as shown in photo, code TCBPs-E),
Click to show enlarge photo
On sale 1 pair only NT$280 , RoHS version

Special offer on Jensen's copper and alum foil oil capacitors
- Jensen copper foil oil impregnated capacitors, silver lead wire, 630V;
0.1uf special offer now at NT$700
0.22uf special offer now at NT$800/pc &
1.0 uf special offer now at NT$1300/pc

- Jensen Alum. oil impregnated capacitors, 630V;
1 uf at NT$700/pc
2.2uf at NT$900/pc

England BHC Electro. cap. super offer now;
ALS30 15000uf/100v, 51 x 105mm,
ALS30 22000uf/100v, 65 x 105mm,
ALS40 10000uf/100v, 51 x 105mm,105℃,
ALS40 22000uf/100v, 65 x 105mm,105℃,
ALS40 33000uf/100v, 76 x 146mm,105℃,
ALS10 450V/2200uf 80x145mm,
ALS20 450V/1000uf 65x105mm,
ALS30 63V/33000uf 50x105mm
ALS20 63v/22000uf, 50 x 105mm,


RIFA PEH169 63v/10000uf 105℃,

RIFA PEH169 63v/22000uf 105℃,
75 x 110mm,
RIFA PEH169 63v/33000uf 105℃,

RIFA PEH169 100v/33000uf 85

Rectifier tube U52 GEC, 5u4 RCA, Ken Rad, Sylvania now arrival

Analog Device AD797AN OP. Amp IC;
special price in stock

-RIFA PHE450 cap,
0.1uf/400v-special price of NT$15/pc, 20pcs up price at NT$13/pc,50pcs & up price at NT$10/pc
0.22uf/400v-special price of NT$19/pc, 20pcs up at NT$15/pc,50pcs & up at NT$14/pc
1uf/400v-special NT$55/pc, 10pcs up at NT$50/pc, 50pcs & up price at NT$45/pc

- Below offered tubes are all new, matched pairs, New old stock
Audio tube M8136 CV4003 12AU7, Mullard U.K.
Audio tube M8137 CV4004 12AX7, Mullard U.K.
GEC U52, Sylvania 5U4, RCA, Kenrad 6SN7GT now arrived

Cardas XLR Cap


Special price on limited time offer
ROE MKP1841 2.2uf/250v, NT$60
Sprague 81D 100v/1500uf,
Sprague 513D 25v/22uf,
Sprague 600D 100v/120uf

sprague81D 250v/180uf

  Stock offer-PROTON Power Transformers at give away price, input 230VAC(4/3/03)

NOS New Old Stock tube arrived(11/23/02) 
5AR4 CV1377 Mullard, NOS, GOV/BOX,

New Arrived Cardas Cable(11/23/02) 
- 15T2 Home Theater Speaker Wire;

- Microphone/Balance, Gold Chord;
- Cardas 6N Pure Copper metal 
bare wire diameter:0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm & 1.5mm

Special price offer(9/16/02) 
E80CC(6085) Philip, NOS new old stock

Stock sales(3/23/02) 
Sprague electrolytic capacitor, 
515D, 25v/22uf,

513D, 10v/220uf,

513D, 63v/100uf,

Philips electrolytic capacitor, 
#036, 35v/22uf, US$1.77/10pcs.

#036, 35v/47uf, US$2.50/10pcs.

Above prices negotiable on volume order.

Cardas plugs&Sockets special price offer (10/29/01)
GRMO RCA male,Rhodium over silver-plated/gold-plated

AGMO RCA male,eutectic brass, gold-plated

GRFAs Short RCA female, rhodium over silver- plate/gold- plated

* All prices valid for purchases of 10 pairs & up.

Power plugs special sales (10/3/01)
Hubble power plugs 8215CT

Hubble power plugs 8300I

Kautt & Buk female plugs

Wattgate power plugs 320I, 330I,330I 381I.320IHC, 330IHC, 350IHC

Furutech FI15

Furutech FI15M

Above items available only while stock available and during promotional period!

Michael Space Y spade, special price sales !(7/20/01)

High quality gold-plated finish

Holds wire diameter of 8 mm, 6 mm & 4 mm

Special offer to OEMs and audio dealers for lot quantity.

NOS Audio tube special price sale !(3/24/01)
EL84 G.E. USA, Original logo and box,

M8137/CV4004/12AX7/Mullard, Original logo, gvt box, of 1978's

M8136/CV4003/12AU7, Mullard, Original logo, gvt box, of 1978's

W. E. 417A, 1960's Mfg., O/L, gvt/box

6SN7GT/VT231 KEN-RAD, 1945's, O/L, gvt/Box

6SL7GT/VT229 SYLVANIA, 1945's, O/L, gvt/Box

5U4G/VT244 Sylvania, JAN, USA, 1944's mfg. OL, gvt box

ECC88/6DJ8 Siemens, WG., of 1960's Mfg., original box and print 

CV378 Mullard, U.K., OL, gvt box 

12E1/CV345 GEC, UK, Original print and box 

* Above items all are new old stock, tested and matched pairs.

Last updated on 9/4/15