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Hi-REL CAP for audio use Most common used capacitors for audio builders and sound modificationists
Good selections of stocked series on Metalized PP, PP, PS & Teflon dielectric

Direct sources of supplies for AUDIO USE,oem by THL and quality assurance

Hi-REL Cap meet with MIL spec 

Available of dielectric materials for optimize your task of audio upgrading

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HI-REL PPMT: Metallized Polypropylene Film & Foil
Axial wire lead, Tol. 10%, Voltage 450VDC or 630VDC

Capacitance & Dimensions(Dia. X Length)

0.01 uf/450V, 6x12 mm

0.1 uf/450V, 8x20 mm

0.22 uf/450V   10x20 mm & 630V

1uf/450V        18x32 mm

2uf/250V & 450V, 16x32 mm

3uf/250V        18x32 mm

5uf/250V        19x46 mm

8uf/250V        25x46 mm

10uf/250V      25x52 mm

HI-REL PPT: Polypropylene Film & TIN Foil
Axial wire lead, Tol. 10%, Voltage 450VDC/630VDC

Capacitance & Dimensions(Dia. X Length)

0.047 uf/450V
0.1 uf/450V    9x26 mm

0.1 uf/630V    11x26 mm Hi-REL PPT Tin foil 0.1uf/630v
0.22 uf/450V  12x26 mm

0.22 uf/630V  13x32 mm

0.33 uf/450V  12x32 mm

0.47 uf/450V  18x32 mm
& 400V
0.68 uf/450V  15x38mm

1 uf/250V &450V 18x46 mm Hi-REL PPT 1uf/450v
1.5 uf/450V

2 uf/250V &450V 25x32 mm

2 uf/250V &450V 27x46 mm

3 uf/250V       23x46 mm

4 uf/250V       27x46 mm

5 uf/250V       30x46 mm

6 uf/250V       32x46 mm

7 uf/250V       28x58 mm

8 uf/250V       30x59 mm

10 uf/250V     34x59 mm

12 uf/250V     37x59 mm

HI-REL RT: Polystyrene Film & Foil
Axial wire lead, Tol. 10%, Voltage 450V/630V

Capacitance & Dimensions(Dia. X Length)

0.001 uf         6x20 mm

0.0022 uf       6x20 mm

0.0033 uf       6x20 mm

0.0047 uf       8x20 mm

0.0056 uf       9x20 mm

0.0068 uf       9x20 mm

450V or marked for voltage
0.01 uf        7x20 mm

0.022 uf         9x20 mm

0.033 uf

0.047 uf        12x26 mm

0.068 uf

0.1 uf         12x38 mm

0.1 uf/630V   18x38 mm

0.22 uf          17x46 mm

0.22 uf/630v  22x46 mm

0.33 uf          19x46 mm

0.47 uf          22x46 mm

1 uf 30x58mm/400v & 30x45mm/250V

2 uf/200V      30x58mm Hi-REL RT 2.0uf/200V
3 uf/250V      36x58mm

State of Art capacitors for audio modifications

Superb electrical and environmental characteristics
Ideal for use in applications of signal path in audio MOD and RC networks

Very low dissipation Factor(DF), <0.02% 1Khz at 25°C

Hi-REL Cap TFT: Teflon Film & Foil
Axial wire lead, Tol. 10%, Voltage 250V/450V

Capacitance & Dimensions(Dia. X Length)

 0.01uf/630V 6.9 x 19 mm
 0.1uf /630V 13.7 x 32 mm

 0.22uf /450V 13.7 x 32 mm

 0.22 uf/630V 18 x 38 mm Hi-REL Teflon Cap 0.22uf/630v
 0.47 uf/450V 18.6 x 38.1 mm

 1 uf/200V 16.8 x 38 mm

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