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DynamiCap-More dynamic, More transparent, more musically natural!


- Unique construction with metal end caps, and individually hand soldered 19 ga silver clad copper wonder wire leads
- Improve the Dynamics of Your Products!  Make Music and Soundtracks Come ALIVE! Feel More Power! Hear More Music!
- Improve the dynamics and lifelike reality of all your electronic, speaker products and home theater systems!
- Offer current product lineup with more power, dynamic impact and solidity in both music and soundtracks
- Music and voices sounds more real and natural. Sounds clearer, more transparent, airier, more open, and faster!
- Simply upgrade your products to Dynamic for better sounding and music enjoyments
- If bypassing DynamicCap use no more then 1/100 the value of the main capacitor to avoid spectral overlap
- ...etc

DynamiCap Capacitance values:
Tol. +/-5%, metallized polypropylene
E (electronics)  series:  Signal Coupling/Bypass & power supplies
L (speaker) series:  Passive speaker cross-over use

Capacitance Size:(Dia x Length)
* Size listed below are for higher voltage, larger one

0.01 uf/500V  E series only,    7.35  x 16.5mm
0.033 uf/500V E series only,  10.9  x 17.2mm
0.1  uf/425V-E / 310V-L  8.9 x 28mm 

0.22 uf/630V-E / 310V-L  12.2 x 40.6mm
0.33 uf/425V-E / 310V-L  10.2 x 40.6mm 
0.47 uf/425V-E / 310V-L  12.2 x 40.6mm
0.68 uf/425V-E / 310V-L  15.3 x 40.6mm
1    uf/425V-E / 310V-L  16.5 x 40.6mm
2    uf/425V-E / 310V-L  25.4 x 40.6mm
3    uf/425V-E / 310V-L  30.5 x 40.6mm

4    uf/425V-E / 310V-L  33.8 x 40.6mm

5    uf/310V E or L  25.4 x 15.3mm
6    uf/310V E or L  28 x 15.3mm
7    uf/310V E or L  30.5 x 40.6mm
8    uf/310V E or L  31.8 x 40.6mm
10   uf/310V E or L  35.6 x 9.1mm

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Last updated on 1/24/03